Race Rules

Ramblers Cycling Club abides by the rules of BikeNZ Road & Track, which are based on the UCI Rules.

It is important that members obey all road rules. This is why we require all riders to sign in each week before a race and attend the pre-race briefing to reinforce these rules which are listed below.

Most of the Club’s events involve racing in ability based grades. This means that members are able to ride with others who are at a similar level of skill and ability, whatever their age or gender, and whether they are just starting out in the sport or are experienced racers competing at national or international level.

This arrangement means that anyone who comes along to Ramblers, whether they are an experienced rider from out of town, a young person just starting up, a bored swimmer or broken down harrier, or an older person who has suddenly found the urge to take part in some healthy activity, will find others to ride with.

We currently have seven ability based grades – from G grade, which caters for the new riders and where on the bike riding skills and training advice is given, up to A grade for the top racers.

Unlike many other clubs, we race all year round in four seasonal series of races – spring summer autumn and winter. Each series has about 12 Saturday races, and riders win points in their grade according to finishing order, accumulating to produce grade winners in each series.

Grading of riders is a key duty of the race committee.  Grading in Ramblers is generally related to series performance which the race committee will assess towards the end of each series.

Normally the leading riders in each grade are promoted. If a rider is finding a grade too difficult, then they can apply the race committee before the start of the next series to move to one better suited to their ability. Often a rider will start in a grade finding it hard, but by the end of a series discover they are able to handle racing at that level. See Grading Policy.

Most grades will race over the same course, starting at different times. It is important that riders from one grade do not get mixed up in or interfere in the race of another grade.

Saturday Registration: 1.00pm – 1.45pm at venue (see series programme)

Race Briefing: 1.45pm, all riders must attend.

Race Starts: 2.00pm

Electronic timing is normally used for results, so you need to be a financial member to get your time recorded.

Race Rules

• An approved safety helmet must be worn at all times.
• Aerobars may only be fitted to bikes for Time Trials.
• Races are on open roads and all road rules apply – in particular no crossing the centre line.
• Obey all the road rules – especially KEEP LEFT. There are no special privileges for cycle races. 
• Where required, marshals will stop cyclists not traffic. 
• Hold your lines – do not overlap wheels. 
• Riders are to warn the bunch of oncoming or following vehicles and other traffic hazards. 
• Do not join on to other grades – riders may take no part in any grade’s race other than their own. 
• Obey the instructions of your race captain. 
• If manual timing is being used keep your finish order after crossing the finish line. 
• Slow down after the finish line – all riders must report to finish line, even if recording as DNF (did not finish). 
• No abuse of race officials, volunteers or fellow riders will be tolerated. 
• Failure to follow rules may lead to disciplinary action including refusal of a start/deduction of race points/banning from races or the club.