Course Information 2021

The TSB Hawkes Bay Tour proudly supported by TSB, welcomes riders of all ages genders and abilities.
Please enter a grade commensurate with your ability or current fitness level.
All grade choices are subject to confirmation by our grading committee.
All riders in each grade are eligible for GC, KOM and Sprint Jersey prime prize money.

2021 GRADES: B, C, D, U19 Men, U19 Women (U19 Categories part of the Cycling New Zealand National Road Series)

• Separate races for the U19 Men and U19 Womens grades will be run if entries are sufficient. 
• A prize schedule will be released prior to the event beginning.
• There will be a prize for the highest placed Ramblers Rider on overall GC within each grade (B-D)

  • There will be a coffee cart on site on Saturday and Sunday selling coffee and food. Due to problems with eftpos may pay to bring cash.
  • Local fundraiser selling Ginger Crunch, Caramel Fudge, Brownie. Will be cash only.


Most Grades will sell out: to avoid disappointment, GET IN QUICKLY.

Any queries – Contact: Karreen Mathers
021 1271114

Event Information:

Friday Evening – 8th January:

Start Location: Ohiti Woolshed, Ohiti Road

Prologue – 8km

All Grades: Ohiti Road Out and Back – (Map)

Start times: from 5.30pm. Start Order: D Grade, U19 Women, C Grade, B Grade, U19 Men

Saturday Morning – 9th January:

Start Location: Ohiti Woolshed, Ohiti Road

Crownthorpe Settlement Circuit, Provisional Start Times below:

  • B Grade 9:30am start: 58km (Map)
  • U19 Men: 9.35am Start: 58km (Map)
  • C Grade 9:45am start: 58km (Map)
  • D Grade 9:50am start: 58km (Map)

Saturday Afternoon – 9th January:

Ohiti Road Circuit RR

Start Location: Ohiti Woolshed, Ohiti Road, Provisional Start Times below:

  • B Grade: 1.30pm Start: 3 laps 84km (Map) – Feeding at 56.5km
  • U19 Men: 1.35pm Start:  2 laps 56km (Map)
  • C Grade: 1:45pm Start: 2 laps 56km (Map)
  • D Grade: 1.50pm Start:  2 laps 56km (Map)

Sunday Morning – 10th January:

Start Location: Ohiti Woolshed, Ohiti Road

The HB Queen stage: Otamauri Circuit RR, Provisional Start Times below:

  • B Grade 9:30am start: 2 laps 110km (Map) – Feeding at 55.6km
  • U19 Men: 9.35am Start: 1 laps 60km (Map)
  • C Grade 9:45am start: 1 laps 60km (Map)
  • D Grade 9:50am start: 1 laps 60km (Map)