BOTS Teams Series


Ramblers Cycling Club are running a 3 race team series competition.

The competition is called BOTS, Bunch of Origin Team Series: BOTS Teams must consist of riders from an established training group, bunch ride, cycling club or organisation (other than RCC). Riders who do not fit these criteria will have the option of joining a guest team.

Teams can enter riders in any grade provided that the rider is currently in that grade at RCC, or riders will be graded on the day as required.

A grade and A elite will be one grade for BOTS racing, A-F grades are eligible. There is no limit  to the number of riders per grade, but only the top 6 riders in each grade will receive points towards their team total.

Riders may not swap teams or ride for a different team during the series. Teams may use a substitute rider to fill their roster provided that the rider meets all specified criteria.

Points will be awarded for each rider in each grade in each race; points will be combined with other team member’s points to find the winning team in each grade.

Overall team points will be combined across all grades to find the winning team in the competition.

Points will be awarded descending from 50 for 1st, 49 for 2nd, 48 for 3rd and so on. BOTS points are separate from normal RCC series points, RCC points will be awarded as usual for all races.

Team names must be registered with and approved by the RCC committee; members can then be nominated. Group ride leaders or managers are invited to submit a team to RCC and then nominate team riders; because of the limit on team numbers please select wisely and share this invitation with other training groups and riders.

First race: 15th August 2020

Please send your team submissions to – we need the following info:

1. Team Name
2. Riders 
3. Which riders are in each grade
4. Team manager (this can be a rider, just a point of contact)