Captains Grade

The 29th September we relauched ‘G Grade’ and renamed it  ‘Captains Grade’ and making it a monthly learners ride.  This group ride is to offer new road cyclists a safe, fun, informative environment to learn how to cycle race and ride in groups without the pressure of racing.


The ‘Captains Grade’ runs the 1st Saturday of every month during the spring and summer series, ending April 2019.  Each month we will ride as a group approximately 12km on flat or undulating terrain, easy to moderate. 


Riding on New Zealand roads requires each cyclist to abide by the road rules, and so we can be sure you understand those basics, we will teach you the following whilst riding within our group and without the pressure of racing.

We ride in a group and you will expect to learn the following;

·         Riding as a group, formats, rotations

·         How and why to rotate in a group when racing

·         How to follow the wheel of other riders safely

·         Learn techniques, protocols and ettiquettes of racing and group riding

·         Cyclist hand signals, eg. car-up, car-back, loose metal, slowing, changing your line

·         Dangers, Do’s and Don’ts

·         Good sportmanship

·         Looking ahead and behind for fellow riders and traffic

·         Gaining confidence in bunch riding

·         Taking a drink without stopping!


Kerry Harford mentors the ‘Captains Grade’ and there will always be another Ramblers Cycling Club mentor riding along too, both teaching as you ride.

Near the end of the ride and if conditions allows, riders can race the last few kilomentors to  try out their newly learnt skills with the full support of the Mentors close by.

Riders that want more after a ‘Captains Grade’ ride can return for another session or move onto our ‘F Grade’ or a higher grade depending on ability. 

Additional sessions can be held between monthly ‘Captains Grade’ rides, if enough interest.

Note:  After each ride we head back to the registration area for a cup of Tea, Coffee or Milo and chocolate biscuit treats.

Ramblers Cycling Club is a Road Cycling Racing Club, and many of our members of all ages 8-82 years compete weekly here in Hawkes Bay.  We also compete throughout New Zealand and internationally in TT’s (time trails), endurance races, classics, triathlons and ironman events, nationals, tours and team events. 

Cycling is a fun and challenging sport that people can take very seriously or just enjoy the weekend racing or riding with mates and like-minded people.

Next ‘Captains Grade’

June 2021 – t.b.a

Registration at t.b.a, 1.15pm

Cost:  Gold Coin Donation – Adults and Juniors.

We will all meet in a group then ride slowly out to the start of the race for the compulsory Club Race Briefing at 1.50pm ‘A Grade’ heading out first, then the other grades, we will leave last.

Please join us. Cycling is fun, healthy and we will make sure it is safe.